of Conference and Board Rooms


Prices for Conference Equipment, providing you did not book an
"All-in" Conference Package, can be found here [Conference Equipment]
Rental of Conference and Board Rooms as of: 01.01.2004


Category €uro
The "Schafstall" (Oskar-Wolff-Str. 3)
9,19 x 7,53 m = 69,2 m². Max. 50 guests, depending on seating arrangement
The Atrium-Bungalow (Oskar-Wolff-Str. 7)
5,90 x 4,00 = 23,6 m². Max. 12 guests at an oval table
The Landhaus (Oskar-Wolff-Str. 1)
4,83 x 4,68 = 22,60 m². Max. 5 guests at a round table

For your kind attention

  • insofar as no "all-in" package was booked, we will take into account 20% of the daily consumption (food and beverages) towards the rental fee.
  • the above rates apply to full days, half days = half price.
  • Days for setting-up and dismantling are charged at 50% of the relevant rental fee.
  • Fitting installations and putting up of decorations without prior consent is prohibited.
  • The organiser or renter of the rooms is liable for damages to rooms rented.